VIPBLISS produces erotic theme events (nightclub takeovers), pool parties, strip / swing club invasions, and group vacations for adventurous height and weight proportionate couples and single bi-sexy women that enjoy upsale Electronic Dance Music. 

PROFILE FORM: Please supply all requested info (below) and upload 3-6 photos if you wish to receive invitations that disclose the secret locations, purchase reduced admission, reserve VIP tables, and view event photos. If applying as a COUPLE, please submit a minimum of TWO (2) pictures for each person. MEMBERSHIPS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED WITHOUT PHOTOS THAT CLEARLY SHOW YOUR FACES AND BODIES (G rated photos are acceptable).
- Submit accurate body and face full-size photos to be considered (thumbs will be rejected).
- We discourage unappealing photos, and will delete photos, or deny members with photos that do not fit the VIPBLISS aesthetic.
- If approved, one photo is required or membership will be suspended.

PLEASE NOTE: As of 9/6/2015 accepted members have the option of paying an additional fee to view other members profiles and message them. If you do not want other members to see your images please delete them after you have been accepted. You will be required to keep one image that may be edited to conceal your identity.

Please fill out "About Us" detailing HEIGHT, WEIGHT, & AGE for ALL APPLICANTS. You may also tell us about your experience in attending other events/parties of this genre. Please include your FACEBOOK URL's & the names of any lifestyle sites you are a member of INCLUDING your USERNAME.

If accepted, you will be notified at the email address you enter. VIPBLISS reserves the right to choose its members and to discontinue service at any time. Benefits of Membership: Single Female Members may RSVP for Complimentary Admission and Member Couples are permitted to purchase reduced admission passes online. ALL MEMBERS are given access to our event Photo Galleries, receive invitations to private parties and qualify to attend our group vacations. Please allow 1-2 business days for review and approval of your application. If you are NOT approved, you are NOT welcome to attend.

* The majority of your membership evaluation will be based on the photos you submit. G-rated photos that clearly show your face and body are required. Feel free to submit photos that display nudity. ONLY THE THREE PERSON MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE HAS ACCESS TO YOUR PROFILE AND PHOTOS.
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