"Being a VIPBLISS member for the last 6 years has been a blessing for me and my wife! We were sooo apprehensive on getting into the lifestyle and saw that most other parties were pretty lame and the people weren't very attractive. However, when a doctor, who is a friend and current VIPBLISS member told us we should go to a Bliss Party and did....WE WERE HOOKED! I love how VIPBLISS carefully screens their members and creates awesome theme events. It's a given that every VIPBLISS event is flled with hot, fun, party people! Needless to say, it has helped our relationship and strengthened or marriage along with creating friendships that will last a lifetime!" - D & G

"I love being a single girl in the lifestyle and going to sexy Bliss Parties! I never leave disappointed! All the couples are HOT, super cool and love to dress up and have fun! Please don't ever stop these bi-sexy parties!!!" - SL

"Bliss parties ALWAYS has the BEST EDM! There's even a podcast to keep me pumped up in the gym!! #bliss4LIFEbitches! - MH
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